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New Executive Committee Selected

GHS-1On Tuesday 8th October the club held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at The Garden. The meeting is constructed to elect new members of the executive committee and is held every two years. During the meeting there were reports from the Secretary, Coaching Staff, the P.R.O. and the final report was given by former President David “Ras Dabo” Penny. At the end of his report the President David Penny announced his resignation from his position.

Past player and former club manager Carlton Hanley gave a speech where he reflected on the past of the club and as well spoke on the direction in which he see the club heading. It was a very positive speech and everyone paid close attention to what he said. At the end of his speech he thanked the club for the support they had given him while being manager of the club. After the meeting was finished it was onto the business of elections where the players and other members of the club will cast their vote for the opening positions in the club which were President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Public Relations Officer (P.R.O).

During the election the individuals nominated for the five available positions went unchallenged as the members were satisfied with whom were being nominated. Below is the list of individuals who have now filled the position which were vacant.

President: Jermaine Gumbs

Vice President: Adolphus Jones

Secretary: Neka Gaye

Treasurer: Rovan Wigley

Public Relations Officer (P.R.O.): Crispin Nisbett

The manager of the club will be selected by the newly formed executive on a later date.

The club will like to thank the past executive for their hard work they did for the club during the period they were in charge and wish them well in their next adventure.

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